Our Holdings

Administrative Documents

Used to track the progress of Saitama Prefecture and workings of the Prefectural Government

Saitama Prefectural administrative documents (public records) reflect the status and administrative developments of Saitama Prefecture over time, and represent highly important cultural heritage items. SPA preserves more than 200,000 titles,some of which date back to 1868, the first year of the Meiji era. A portion of these materials have also been designated as national Important Cultural Properties. Administrative documents have been transferred from Saitama Prefectural Government anually.


Private Collections

Detailing the lives of locals and history of the region.

Private Collections include items such as books and writings belonging to samurai, shrine and temple supervisors, civil servants, and information on organizations from as far back as the Meiji Restoration. They are important materials which outline the history of the Prefecture and local areas. Saitama Prefectural Archives has a vast collection of these materials, acquired from all areas of the Prefecture dating back to the Kamakura and Muromachi periods.



Public Programming

Classes on Historical Documents

SPA holds classes aimed at deepening participants' understanding of their birthplace of Saitama through deciphering and explaining the materials collected by the Archives. Entry level, and intermediate classes are available in addition to an intensive course on understanding historical documents which is held every summer.

Mapping Classroom

Through lectures on maps and outside learning activities, participants can learn firsthand about the region's nature, history, changes in the environment, and more, encouraging increased interest in maps and Saitama, and developing participants' understanding.

Practical Workshops for Children

Through classes and hands-on activities involving name seals, scrolls, Japanese books, and other materials which have been passed down in Japan over centuries, in addition to lectures on maps and workshops which allow participants to construct three-dimensional maps, SPA aims to cultivate children's interest in archives.


Joint Projects with Schools

Practical Workshop for Children (Making Japanese Scrolls)

SPA accepts requests for social learning workshops, educational personnel training, and by-request instruction, to provide opportunities for collected materials to be used effectively as school teaching materials.

A Guide to Using Materials

1. For visitors seeking administrative documents, Private collections, and reference materials, please head to the Archives reading room on the 2nd floor. For maps and aerial photographs, please visit the Maps viewing room on the 4th floor.

2. Please use Online catalog to indentify the materials you require and request them at the front counter. Please inquire with staff for detailed information on viewing and copying items.

3. Materials are not available to be borrowed or taken out of the archives.


Online catalog

Using the online catalog on the Saitama Prefectural Archives website, you can search for materials using keywords and other methods, prior to visiting the Archives. Additionally, the website also provides access to data for aerial photographs and river network maps within Saitama. Over 1,300,000 data items are registered in the online catalog and newly released materials are constantly being added.